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Luftkrieg as Gruppenführer during an armed Hooflerjugend maneuver in the forest.Drawn by Pestil for the Luftkrieg CYOA Vol. I
safe (1429032)artist:garyd12 (17)artist:pestil (87)oc (525069)oc:ilse (9)oc:luftkrieg (191)oc only (364148)pegasus (187966)pony (697802)unicorn (203202)8chan (385)aryan pony (390)bow (19390)comic (89551)cyoa (2275)dirty (1398)female (759848)filly (50506)forest (7554)forest background (66)grayscale (31236)gun (12354)hair ribbon (143)hoofler jugend (3)hunting (75)jewelry (39046)leader (11)monochrome (134454)nazi (3468)necklace (12269)pigtails (3208)/pone/ (354)ponytail (13174)pool:luftkrieg cyoa (15)ribbon (5520)saddle bag (4406)shotgun (1184)squad (5)weapon (22815)


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Luftkrieg has proven that she is leadership material in this hitler youth group. She has graduated first in her class and has received the iron cross 1st class. As of today, she serves as an SS officer helping to boost morale of troops on the eastern front. We can all learn something from her.
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