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Luftkrieg reading a book with her wolf in bed. Drawn by Pestil for the Luftkrieg CYOA Vol. I
safe (1425526)artist:garyd12 (17)artist:pestil (87)oc (523522)oc:luftkrieg (191)oc only (363109)pegasus (187069)pony (688162)timber wolf (1082)8chan (384)bed (30895)blanket (4032)book (26960)comic (89236)cute (147912)cyoa (2275)dark background (551)female (757024)filly (50298)floppy ears (41199)gray background (4950)grayscale (31204)indoors (1473)luftkriebetes (11)luftkrieg (4)monochrome (134286)pet (1678)/pone/ (353)ponytail (13121)pool:luftkrieg cyoa (15)reading (5262)simple background (289927)smiling (182566)under blanket (9)


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