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Luftkrieg reading a book with her wolf in bed. Drawn by Pestil for the Luftkrieg CYOA Vol. I
safe1583639 artist:garyd1218 artist:pestil169 oc607188 oc only408010 oc:luftkrieg234 pegasus246321 pony854237 timber wolf1243 /pone/355 8chan383 aryan647 aryan pony941 bed36838 blanket4760 blonde1966 book30721 comic101212 cute180596 cyoa3241 dark background789 female1179913 filly59782 floppy ears46463 gray background5947 grayscale35176 indoors1991 luftkriebetes38 monochrome142814 nazipone769 pet1801 ponytail15922 pool:luftkrieg cyoa15 reading5783 simple background347990 smiling217504 under blanket21


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