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Luftkrieg hunting with a big gun and a pet beast. Drawn by Pestil for the Luftkrieg CYOA Vol. I
safe (1428373)artist:garyd12 (17)artist:pestil (87)oc (524794)oc:luftkrieg (191)oc only (363988)bird (5240)pegasus (187828)pony (697403)timber wolf (1085)8chan (385)comic (89434)corpse (628)cute (148354)cyoa (2275)dead (2483)female (759373)fetch (59)filly (50477)folded wings (3191)forest (7548)forest background (66)gray background (4967)grayscale (31234)gun (12351)hunting (75)monochrome (134435)/pone/ (354)ponytail (13152)pool:luftkrieg cyoa (15)shotgun (1184)simple background (290576)sitting (46054)weapon (22801)wings (52895)x eyes (239)


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