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explicit (294384) artist:ashesg (141) artist:megasweet (3151) pinkie pie (194582) rainbow dash (209560) human (135710) breasts (216378) cunnilingus (8284) delicious flat chest (4087) female (808803) humanized (90209) lesbian (86008) lidded eyes (20944) nipples (128366) nudity (308175) oral (41011) pinkiedash (3096) rainbow flat (833) sex (98423) shipping (171639) sweat (20837)


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1 comment posted
Background Pony #DE0E
One of my three favourite humanized pinkiedash pics, along with: >35895 & >>23117

Really like how MS kept the short hair, like how he originally designed Dash, and stuck to his usual design of flat-chested Dash. Also like the nice detail of sweat and Pinkie's hair being a bit exhausted.