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safe (1376212)artist:yakovlev-vad (360)princess celestia (81166)princess luna (85782)alicorn (152837)best pony (1168)cheek fluff (2891)chest fluff (23965)clothes (338284)cup (4373)duo (36693)ear fluff (16443)female (709300)fluffy (11068)glowing horn (12484)heart (36326)leg fluff (1581)levitation (8075)looking back (39473)magic (54608)magic aura (1632)mare (310579)pony (649177)raised hoof (30041)red mane (280)royal sisters (3035)shirt (15950)simple background (277088)sisters (5574)sitting (43739)smiling (173179)sparkles (3170)spread wings (39077)surprised (6342)teacup (2159)teasing (2739)telekinesis (19336)trollestia (721)t-shirt (2454)white background (68301)wing fluff (1157)wings (47599)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #C82C
So who’s the real best pony?

"Will the real best pony please stand up?"
"I repeat, will the real best pony please stand up?"
"We’re gonna have a problem here."
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