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Russian invasion confirmed.
safe1640769 artist:everfree team14 derpy hooves49085 lyra heartstrings28745 oc643960 earth pony224577 pegasus266539 pony906237 unicorn296028 3d70123 ace attorney643 al elric2 animated95339 bandana5048 bathrobe1363 clothes436222 cosplay27223 costume26412 crossover60070 dancing8003 dust (character)7 dust: an elysian tail25 ed elric1 eyes closed86367 female1306385 gabe newell149 glowing eyes10545 grass8908 grin35638 guardians of the galaxy129 hat81902 jacket11712 jenny58 kalinka5 looking at you157012 looped51 male351577 mare450386 megaman volnutt7 necktie6739 one punch man212 phoenix wright265 raised hoof42153 raised leg7273 ralph37 robe3477 sans (undertale)447 saxton hale40 smiling230599 sonic the hedgehog2985 sonic the hedgehog (series)7356 sound8022 source filmmaker42726 stallion100811 starlord13 suit5486 team fortress 25441 trenchcoat577 undertale1661 vocaloid495 wall of tags2809 wat18801 webm11897 wreck-it ralph607 youtube link4766


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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Self-Insert(ing) c. 2011
It is time for government-mandated song and/or dance time, comrades!
♪ Калинка, калинка, калинка моя,
В саду ягода малинка, малинка моя! ♫
_We're gonna… we're gonna… we're gonna… we're gonna…
…we're gonna… we're gonna… we're gonna… we're gonna…_
♪ We're gonna party tonight! Yeah, the feeling is right
In the winter, we dance in the snow ♫
♪ We'll have fun all night long, kiss me sweet on and on
Everybody sing: ohhhhhhhh~