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I was not sure what color to make anon. on one hand I am quite fond of greenon, but on the other green sort of clashes with lunas coat/colors. plus in the sketch the hands only extended to the wrist, so when inking I added more of the arms and it started to look a little odd. hopefully I did not ruin it
safe1681079 artist:t72b701 derpibooru exclusive27774 princess luna98101 oc668626 oc:anon11597 alicorn219620 human152060 pony943133 cute196010 disembodied hand2752 ethereal mane7634 eyes closed90513 female1340276 floppy ears50903 galaxy mane1100 hand8543 happy30514 heart47300 human on pony petting123 lunabetes3491 mare468487 missing accessory7997 offscreen character33220 petting1839 pov13709 scratching499 traditional art116237


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