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Twily Christmas Drive Pt 6
I don’t know how Twilight would get by without that horn of hers. I think she’s passed Santa sized now though…
Thanks again guys, i’ve really enjoyed drawing these Twi so far.
Contributions toward her gain end this Saturday!
reuploaded with a png instead of compressed jpeg
suggestive165164 artist:graphenescloset725 twilight sparkle324605 alicorn260748 pony1247188 series:twily christmas drive10 belly33484 belly bed3296 big belly14758 butt148992 chimney310 christmas16530 chubby cheeks4546 clothes533276 cookie4194 costume32951 embarrassed12977 falling3005 fat24939 feather7083 female1536582 food82503 glowing horn23686 high res78798 holiday25478 huge butt12255 impossibly large belly12436 impossibly large butt8320 incentive drive307 large butt22692 magic82620 morbidly obese8979 obese13137 plot103892 santa costume1797 scroll3705 socks77504 solo1210853 spread wings69018 squishy3029 stretched cutie mark426 striped socks24202 teleportation682 the ass was fat17285 thigh highs45216 torn clothes5675 twilard sparkle1525 twilight has a big ass605 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134691 weight gain4952 weight gain sequence1351 wings158449


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