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safe (1374147)artist:forgalorga (203)twilight sparkle (250386)alicorn (152485)animated (81774)behaving like a cat (1485)box (3345)brown background (503)cute (138706)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2395)female (707550)forgalorga is trying to kill us (5)gif (22269)hnnng (1972)hoofy-kicks (687)loop (4018)mare (309714)metal gear (1091)pony (646831)pony in a box (666)prone (19704)scooting (50)silly (6209)silly pony (2580)simple background (276552)smiling (172838)solid snake (141)solid sparkle (76)solo (845101):t (3216)twiabetes (7492)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96640)your little pets (18)

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Bartomeu dimissió!

I think I need to give some background on this stupid comment I made days ago. You see, when I paused ForgaLorga’s animation just at this point, Twily’s face was so cute I thought somebody had to make a pic focusing on her. And thus it was made and there was so much rejoicing that I couldn’t even express it in English, as it is my third language and I need some mental effort to write it correctly. My mind was DOC (Dead On Cuteness).

So that.
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