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Meant to upload this before October ended. A lot of things have happened IRL…
Last month, a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went into surgery for it too. Made me more than a little scared, as she is up along in years as well. She’s recovering now, but we’re all still a little on edge…
To everyone, please, look out after yourselves and your loved ones, and stay healthy, strong, and safe.
I’ll try to have an update out soon, as well as reopening commissions for another friend. Until then, ponies.
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AKA, Milky Way.
Ahh, this…

Thank you to everyone for the kind words. Yes, this was four years ago. She lived for another two and a half years, before a heart attack finally claimed her. I can at least say that she went surrounded by family.

Thank you all again, for your support. And thank you to everyone pulling pictures off the tumblr and uploading them onto here.
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