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Copy from youtube:
"An epic nature film, bringing a little bit of Equestria down to Earth"

Filmed across the west coast of the United States and Canada, this film will feature timelapse and cinematic footage with one or more My Little Pony plushies or figurines; but in particular, Fluttershy’s (or Flutterbat’s) journey will be the main focus. The completed film will feature 4K video and nature timelapse.

Where Have the Ponies Been?
In the last five years, I’ve brought the ponies hiking on more than 600 miles across rugged mountains, deserts, glaciers, canyonlands, ancient forests, lakes, volcanoes, rivers, lava, and rugged coastlines. In the next two years, the goal is to exceed 1,000 miles total. You can view the mileage charts per year in the links below. Also check out both the interactive Google Map and the photo gallery linked below, too!

This entire concept is based on the annual event, "Ponies Around the World," by the pony news site Equestria Daily.

Just a Note About the Length of the Film:
I’m still on the fence about whether to keep the length at around 30 minutes, or drastically shorten it down to something much smaller (~10 minutes). The reason for this, is that many of my earliest hikes (2014-2016) were filmed in 1080p with sub-par cameras and recording techniques. (I was much less experienced back then).
I’m considering three options:
1). Release all the video clips I can in a full 30 min. video. Focus on using more recent footage, but use older footage to fill in the gaps.
2). Condense the film down to 12 minutes long, using only the best of the best footage. Leave all the "bad" footage out.
3). Release both a short 10 min. film as the main film, and release a "deleted scenes" compilation of all the scenes that didn’t made the cut.

Release Date Pushed Back to Fall 2020.
The release date has also been pushed back from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020. Reason for this, is that I still want to get more fall and winter footage, and I don’t think that I’ll be able to get enough footage from the rest of this year. It will most likely release late Fall, or possibly early Winter of 2020.
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