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Chibi soft shaded commission for
Hope you like it!
If there is anything wrong let me know, please!

Speedpaint: coming

Art © Monogy 
Character © Skimea 
safe (1412184)artist:monogy (133)oc (517594)oc:kama (59)oc only (360064)bat pony (35131)bat pony oc (9751)bat wings (2647)blushing (151573)blush lines (7)chunky eyelashes (6)color outline (19)cute (145071)cute little fangs (1342)fangs (17296)female (745589)green eyes (2642)lightly watermarked (178)mare (326918)markings (620)open mouth (102297)pegasus (183078)pony (677013)purple hair (425)simple background (286223)smiling (180026)solo (866300)spread wings (40297)teeth (6317)transparent background (149680)unshorn fetlocks (18315)watermark (12680)wings (51232)


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