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Oh no.

safe1691715 artist:wafflecakes156 autumn blaze3798 cinder glow753 rain shine441 sparkling brook143 summer flare753 kirin8478 sounds of silence3343 :p8713 animated97870 awwtumn blaze733 blinking3617 bush2649 c:1199 chest fluff38289 cinderbetes71 cloven hooves10020 cute197670 daaaaaaaaaaaw3771 diabrookes21 ear fluff28902 eye shimmer1211 featured image867 female1349632 flower25285 fluffy14066 forest10071 gif30573 happy30839 hnnng2416 kirin mating ritual4 kirinbetes236 leg fluff2979 leonine tail8416 licking19973 looking at you165956 mlem884 plates124 prone25249 raspberry1001 scales1140 shineabetes26 silly7401 sitting62420 smiling244090 sweet dreams fuel1577 tongue out102469 tree31827 wafflecakes is trying to murder us4 wall of tags2972 weapons-grade cute3664


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Doot Doot
Forgot to add this.

May the Floof goddess have mercy on the poor soul who accidentally tears off a clump of the floof while grooming a female Kirin mid ritual.
Not just the one Kirin turns Nirik, ALL nearby Kirin turn and enact a severe and cruel but just punishment.
TLDR: Be EXTRA CAREFUL when fluffing a potential Kirin mate.