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Spike: umm…Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: YES!

Spike: Can I ask you something?

Fluttershy: Oh, spike you can ask me anything~

Spike: Great, can i go back to Equestria, now?

Fluttershy: No!

Spike: Girls…
safe1602187 artist:efk-san183 fluttershy201542 spike75182 dragon49947 equestria girls185612 absurd resolution63950 adorasexy8725 animal costume1811 bare shoulders1987 blushing180253 breasts249720 cat costume191 cat ears1039 catsuit1207 clothes420398 collar29737 commission56783 costume25344 crossed legs2861 cupcake5073 cute183943 female1274535 flutterspike522 food63307 lip bite10654 male339096 pet tag1535 sexy25994 shipping186472 shyabetes12229 sitting56716 skintight clothes728 sleeveless3554 smiling221478 solo993581 spikabetes1878 story included8220 straight126382 strapless1275 tight clothing2233 unitard109


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