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Spike: umm…Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: YES!

Spike: Can I ask you something?

Fluttershy: Oh, spike you can ask me anything~

Spike: Great, can i go back to Equestria, now?

Fluttershy: No!

Spike: Girls…
safe (1429166)artist:efk-san (173)fluttershy (184152)spike (68534)equestria girls (159677)absurd resolution (61335)adorasexy (7605)animal costume (1556)bare shoulders (1296)blushing (153789)breasts (203533)cat costume (150)cat ears (867)clothes (355686)collar (24565)commission (40637)costume (21688)crossed legs (2245)cupcake (4380)cute (148488)female (759948)flutterspike (464)food (51107)lip bite (9217)male (257974)pet tag (1272)sexy (18462)shipping (164467)shyabetes (9414)sitting (46087)skintight clothes (591)sleeveless (2430)smiling (183166)solo (875922)spikabetes (1470)straight (109460)strapless (947)unitard (77)


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