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Spike: umm…Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: YES!

Spike: Can I ask you something?

Fluttershy: Oh, spike you can ask me anything~

Spike: Great, can i go back to Equestria, now?

Fluttershy: No!

Spike: Girls…
safe1588965 artist:efk-san182 fluttershy199571 spike75321 dragon48917 equestria girls182140 absurd resolution64165 adorasexy8219 animal costume1821 bare shoulders1796 blushing178050 breasts243267 cat costume190 cat ears1028 catsuit1189 clothes414323 collar29152 commission53865 costume25022 crossed legs2732 cupcake4963 cute180849 female933081 flutterspike523 food61784 lip bite10495 male309952 pet tag1496 sexy24502 shipping185636 shyabetes11740 sitting55821 skintight clothes717 sleeveless3207 smiling218452 solo982102 spikabetes1865 story included7892 straight122815 strapless1151 tight clothing2166 unitard105


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