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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1361147)artist:php61 (249)oc (494452)oc only (349754)oc:seachell (125)bat pony (33302)bat pony oc (8698)behaving like a bird (476)cheek fluff (2786)cheek puffing (177)chest fluff (23458)colored sketch (2047)crouching (368)cute (136360)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2287)ear fluff (15993)ear tufts (206)female (697577)floppy ears (39006)fluffy (10923)hoof fluff (539):i (1179)looking up (10701)mare (304386)messy mane (5272)neck fluff (447):o (2938)ocbetes (3014)open mouth (97387)pony (637609)puffed up (2)puffy (23)puffy cheeks (2975)simple background (273542)solo (837662)spread wings (38531)unshorn fetlocks (17386)white background (67292)wings (45716)

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Go fsck yourself
This is too heckin’ CUTE!

In my head, I like to imagine the sound of this "transition" is a quick, deep breath, followed by the POMF! sound made when a parachute opens quickly.
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