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Pony Academy animation 4/4
explicit424089 artist:lumo380 princess luna110097 oc850178 oc:dusty hooves24 anthro321741 comic:lumo's pony academy152 ahegao30304 anatomically incorrect4990 animated114300 ass71872 balls97297 balls on face397 big balls13926 big penis15971 butt193304 erection22100 faceless male6067 female1626522 frame by frame4525 gif42064 group sex18952 horsecock87671 hyper14076 large balls519 loop6561 male469847 mmf threesome2159 nudity459984 offscreen character45000 open mouth202403 penetration76179 penis190829 penis on face1806 sex151443 size difference18558 tail70215 tail pull2565 threesome12875 who needs organs?799


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Background Pony #5684
Okay, first off, amazing animation. I should stress this before I proceed to bitch about people’s tagging habits.
Secondly, the tags on this submission are proof to me that the anatomically correct/incorrect tags don’t mean jack anymore (quite generously assuming they ever did in the first place). Although the anatomy here is exaggerated—especially the, uh, giant throbbing horse members—it’s far from “incorrect”. Tagging it as such irks me for multitudinous reasons, but the most glaring one is that almost NOTHING on this site is 100% anatomically correct. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pics deemed anatomically correct simply for slapping an anatomically correct(ish!) horse vagina on an otherwise show-accurate depiction of character, even though the show’s style is NOT wholly anatomically sound. I know this, you know this, everybody knew from the moment we took an interest in these stylized equines that they are NOT anatomically analogous to IRL ponies.
So tell me, please: Why do these tags even exist, other than for the smug gratification of those who put realistic horse genitals on a pedestal? These tags should join the ranks of every other retired tag that served no real purpose in actually helping people find what they’re looking for on this site.
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Canon Pony Purist
@lance blazer
The dick is actually filled with a gas, and as it goes into her asshole the tightness of it actually compresses the gas cock down.  
Think of how an octopus can go into a really small hole, it just doesn’t have anything in it keeping it solid.