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Well, that didn’t last long…
Feat. my OC – Berzie, koobikitsune’s OC – Dopple and dSana’s OC – Stainless Key 

Part 1:…
Part 3: Soon

Story co-written with Middy
MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro, OC’s belong to their respective owners. If you translate or repost, please post it outside of DA, thank you.
suggestive (108938)artist:pony-berserker (495)oc (501619)oc:berzie (128)oc:dopple (45)oc only (352757)oc:stainless key (45)comic:back in black (3)angelic halo (5)angry (18604)bed (29461)bedroom (6154)blink-182 (3)bottle (2833)candle (3421)changedling (5151)changedling oc (316)changeling (29867)changeling oc (5075)comic (84890)cricket ball (17)cricket bat (40)exclamation point (2687)halo (1162)hangover (179)implied gay (961)interrobang (702)loop-de-hoop (161)morning after (132)oc x oc (10615)open mouth (98978)pillow (12137)question mark (3306)shipping (156687)sleeping (18507)snuggling (6039)speech bubble (15320)


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