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Another Commission delivered. You could say this is a follow-up of this image >>1195822 n_n.
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Background Pony #95B1
There is a reason Applejack got Rarity’s cutiemark. Next to Rarity herself, Applejack is the most prone to dramatics. Not panic, mind you, dramatics. She makes a big deal out of comparatively nothing. See Last Roundup, her worries about Bloom, or her reaction to ever seeing Flim and Flam.
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It’s pretty obvious that after Limestone lost her virginity to Trixie on top of Holder’s Boulder (why do you think Limestone is so protective of it?) that they had a shotgun wedding at Igneous’ insistence.

Trixie may have left the rock farm to buy the Alicorn Amulet and cause trouble for Sparkle, but she never got divorced. Hopefully she can work something out between her wife and her new girlfriend.
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Background Pony #95B1
Heh, in all honesty, trixstone has more potential backing to it then Twixie, in that we have potential with no real backstory from the show to get in the way.
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