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suggestive (108969)artist:ambris (1258)starlight glimmer (35900)equestria girls (151639)mirror magic (2121)spoiler:eqg specials (4482)alternate costumes (1419)anthro (191877)armpits (33578)beanie (2547)big breasts (53343)black underwear (2737)blushing (147418)body pillow (2746)body pillow design (1701)bra strap (309)breasts (191038)busty starlight glimmer (1614)chemise (7)cleavage (26055)clothes (338925)denim (246)equestria girls outfit (1266)eyelashes (2945)eyeshadow (9594)female (710894)hat (60237)hooves (13740)horn (20914)jeans (2200)looking at you (114094)makeup (12938)mare (311415)messy hair (617)missing accessory (6357)nightgown (1076)nightwear (14)no bra underneath (136)off shoulder (1025)on back (19392)pants (8956)pose (3858)ripped pants (263)seductive (1176)seductive pose (1051)sexy (17037)shirt (15995)smiling (173557)socks (46858)solo (847484)stockings (24343)sultry pose (1521)tail (13508)tanktop (5590)thigh highs (21981)tight clothing (1724)top view (116)torn clothes (3578)underwear (47689)unguligrade anthro (35574)unicorn (185083)wristband (2262)


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9 comments posted

This is awesome and super hot! But why isn’t she turned around? I thought the whole point of body pillows was to have a front view and a back view. Oh well it’s still super hot (I just wanted me some Glimmer Glutes from Ambris X3)
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