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Background Pony #F722
The derpy pony makes her entrance! Go, Derpy Hooves!

Apple Bloom: (confused) But, where’s Jeffy, Blögg, Tails the Fox, Abby Cadabby and Gonnigan?
Sweetie Belle: (confused) Yeah, where are they, Derpy? Where did all your friends go…?
Derpy Hooves: (happily) I have no idea.

Meanwhile in Canterlot…

Blögg: (in shock) [gasps] What the?!
Princess Celestia: I’m a princess, Abby! Are you a princess too?
Abby Cadabby: (happily) Yes, I am a princess, too!
Princess Luna: (happily) You need to stay for the royal ball tonight, my cutie!
Tails the Fox: (in love with Princess Luna) I’d love to stay for the royal ball!
SML Jeffy: Forget the royal ball, Tails! Get me out of here!
Princess Cadence: [kisses Gonnigan on the cheek]
Gonnigan: (in love while blushing) Oh, my… [rubs his arm cutely in love]
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