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"Applejack's Guilty Pleasure Re-Redraw"

And no, that's not a mistake in the title. This is a re-do of a re-do of an older piece. This time with 100% less suck, but the face still feels weird.
This time, also featuring Sprite!

Old image can be found here: >>1091045
Original can be found here.


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suggestive129357 artist:spritepony384 applejack159570 oc606952 oc:sprite231 alicorn198903 pony853931 alicorn oc22625 blushing177284 clothes413393 diaper12375 diaper fetish9022 fetish35297 hat76990 lip bite10488 patreon11609 patreon link119 patreon logo8164 poofy diaper4096 presenting21742 redrawn51 solo focus15265 speech bubble20473 text51835


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