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safe (1374148)screencap (159884)amber grain (56)applejack (142261)auburn vision (154)clever musings (86)gallus (3921)november rain (315)ocellus (2965)peppermint goldylinks (262)silverstream (3682)snowy quartz (28)strawberry scoop (142)violet twirl (65)best gift ever (2037)mystery voice (54)animated (81774)background pony (6700)changedling (5120)changeling (29748)classical hippogriff (3474)cute (138707)earth pony (133304)female (707551)friendship student (837)griffon (20092)hippogriff (6075)implied princess platinum (4)jackabetes (3907)malachite (sailor moon) (28)male (239952)mare (309714)pegasus (172030)pony (646831)sailor moon (1162)snow (10476)sound (4157)stallion (66826)unicorn (183705)webm (6436)


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