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Twily Christmas Drive Pt 4
I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to get inside eventually Twi, make sure you snack on some cookies while you’re there tho
Thanks again, really appreciate the support guys
If you wanna contribute to Twi my Kofi is over here
suggestive165160 artist:graphenescloset725 twilight sparkle324600 alicorn260740 pony1247164 series:twily christmas drive10 adorafatty367 belly33483 big belly14757 butt148989 chimney310 christmas16530 christmas is cancelled24 chubby cheeks4545 clothes533264 cookie4194 costume32951 crumbs307 cute225530 fat24938 female1536556 food82502 holiday25477 huge butt12255 impossibly fat mare43 impossibly large butt8320 incentive drive307 large butt22691 looking back69340 morbidly obese8979 need to go on a diet93 need to lose weight98 obese13137 plot103892 rear view16462 santa costume1797 scroll3705 squishy3029 stuck3162 the ass is monstrously oversized for tight entrance127 the ass was fat17285 the ass was too fat338 too fat114 too fat to fit151 too fat to get through113 twiabetes13332 twilard sparkle1525 twilight has a big ass605 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134688 weight gain4952 weight gain sequence1351


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Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

“A Visit from St Nicholas” cemented the chimney part into the Santa lore, but was less successful in establishing that he’s hefty but not very big

In Treue fest
Because climbing up and down hundreds of millions of chimneys in one night isn’t exactly a pleasant job and a limitless supply of free confections is apparently good compensation for someone who lives in the middle of massive ice sheet.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

never big enough
Clearly, Twi, the solution is to get even fatter, until you’re big enough to smash through the roof yourself. No need for a chimney then!