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Enter if you dare
The beginning of season 8 has the characters directly talking the movie

the storm king is directly mentioned as well as the in universe reason why tempest is not in the show

Also silverstream is Queen novo’s niece
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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

the movie is totally canon to the show.

it’s a highly lauded reenactment of the famous battle between equestria and the storm king, that gets shown some time in season 17. in the episode, twilight learns that fun movies don’t have to be historically accurate and accepts that the producers did their best to condense a very complex international crisis down into an hour or so. she still thinks that the pony playing her is way too chubby.

yup totally canon
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Thorned Rose Ninja

@Background Pony #8609
Swegmeiser says "Celestia knows, but she won’t spill the beans" on an alternative universe. Pinkie Pie readily breaks the fourth wall and in a one-off Equestria Girls blooper joke is shown to use the Canterlot High horse statue to move between her world and Equestria, and mystic Zecora gets esoteric on the nature of time during the Queen Chrysalis timeline of "The Cutie Re-mark". So, if we are to half-jokingly believe Swegmeiser’s wager, all three ponies may be keeping a tight lid the nature of MLP reality.
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You guys aren’t seeing the bigger picture here. The movie occurred in an alternate universe. Did you ever think to question why our beloved characters look so different in the movie when compared to the show? Exactly. Their minds are linked by the bonds of the fourth dimension. Thoughts, experiences, emotions are all shared between their worlds and yet they lack the sheer complexity to grasp that very reality. Celestia knows, but she won’t spill the beans. Saying the movie is canon is like saying that creatures can see two universes at once. It is impossible. Allspark had to break and bend the alternate realities just to bring us a film. In that respect, those animators are indeed, 4th dimensional beings. Think outside the reality box, guys.
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Uh, yes, actually, the movie is canon to the show.

Considering that the show

explicitly mentions

all of the events of the movie.

The very next premiere opens up immediately with "yeah so after that Storm King thing, Tempest said she didn’t want to stick around, so heh."
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