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safe (1461117)artist:efk-san (176)fluttershy (187521)human (133664)equestria girls (164063)absurd resolution (61933)bare shoulders (1414)beautiful (3833)christmas (9772)clothes (366865)costume (22750)cute (154478)female (788184)forgiveness (189)holiday (12332)looking at you (125153)santa costume (1163)shyabetes (9903)sleeveless (2552)solo (895991)strapless (980)


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #9375
I would look her in the eye romantically and tell her I would always want to love and protect her.
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Flutter_Lover's avatar
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

A.K.A. N3RO_182
All right, best human. inhales deeply When I first saw you in your sexy wetsuit at the beach with your friends, I was wondering how I could have sex with you in your wetsuit that doesn’t reveal your legs. I also want to give you a sandaljob knowing you have adorable and beautiful feet, which I wouldn’t take it to the very extreme even though I have a foot fetish, and I still plan to draw tons of fanart in your swimsuit alobg with your friends, lewd fanart. Oh, and also Rainbow Dash was my first best pony before you when I became a brony back in 2011.
Background Pony #BDB9
I put all of your animals in the gas chamber, and even put Angel in the one I used on the zebras, so he had to smell the infernal stench of zeeb as he died.
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