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Butt compilation for season 3. I tried to limit the amount of flank shots in order to place more focus on the actual butt.

For those wondering, the animation error is in the scene of Rainbow pushing Fluttershy, as one of her wings is backwards.

Season 1: >>1893205, >>1893206, and >>1893208
Season 2: >>1899502 and >>1899503
Season 3: >>1906370 and >>1906372
Season 4: >>1912838, >>1912839, and >>1912840
Season 5: >>1919282, >>1919283, and >>1919284
Season 6: >>1924051, >>1924052, and >>1924054
Season 7: >>1928215, >>1928217, and >>1928218
Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256
Movie: >>1934483
safe (1409608)screencap (169787)apple bloom (42689)applejack (145814)babs seed (5348)diamond tiara (8967)fluttershy (181688)lightning dust (3821)pinkie pie (186900)rainbow dash (201465)rarity (155579)scootaloo (45849)shining armor (19841)silver spoon (5754)spike (67089)sweetie belle (43046)twilight sparkle (256838)apple family reunion (976)one bad apple (1269)season 3 (405)spike at your service (911)the crystal empire (2464)wonderbolts academy (1200)animated (83765)animation error (1648)bedroom eyes (43651)bump bump sugar lump rump (67)butt bump (623)butt compilation (24)butt to butt (559)butt touch (1837)compilation (461)cutie mark crusaders (15820)dragon (36041)earth pony (142564)female (743094)filly (49286)flank (911)flying (29178)force field (506)gif (23390)luster dust (139)mane six (25827)pegasus (182255)plot (64043)pony (675050)pushing (561)rump push (152)running (4525)snow (10739)supercut (53)sweetie gold (125)unicorn (195967)unicorn twilight (7389)

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