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safe1709562 artist:magnaluna1023 autumn blaze3886 kirin8762 sounds of silence3368 abstract background14748 awwtumn blaze746 blushing198168 boots22090 cheek fluff5586 chest fluff39260 clothes460731 cute200286 daaaaaaaaaaaw3913 eyes closed93864 female1365940 fluffy14273 happy31296 hat87081 heart48476 hnnng2435 leg fluff3055 magnaluna is trying to murder us16 precious104 shoes36856 simple background394510 sitting63428 smiling249383 solo1066321 tail fluff162 underhoof52206 weapons-grade cute3701


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Background Pony #E1D0
Oh no… Magnaluna… drawing Autumn… in adorable winter gear… I can feel it! The heart attack that will finally end me! HRRRNNNGHGjhb769&96876