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Pinkie Pie x Discord
Twilight Sparkle x Trixie Lulamoon
Rainbow Dash x Soarin
Applejack x Caramel
Fluttershy x Tree Hugger
Rarity x Trenderhoof

A little gift for
safe1676626 artist:themexicanpunisher706 applejack167480 caramel2486 discord30414 fluttershy209562 pinkie pie213348 rainbow dash230593 rarity179153 soarin'13805 tree hugger2774 trenderhoof854 trixie66365 twilight sparkle296710 alicorn218733 carajack420 discopie486 female1336662 flutterhugger161 lesbian95006 male362807 shipping196311 shipping domino978 soarindash4745 straight133506 trenderity65 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122129 twixie5059


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Background Pony #469A
@Ice Star
It is a ship that refuses to die … Do not forget that this ship is exemplified in the shipping tag of derpibooru.