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Just a simple coloring of >>1903331. Credit for the original goes to reiduran.
explicit389957 artist:reiduran1328 color edit8092 edit146874 fluttershy227952 pinkie pie229860 human180485 pony1209096 equestria girls222708 areola22063 big areola6555 big breasts96244 body swap850 bouncing5435 bouncing breasts4237 breasts316076 busty fluttershy19439 colored21032 female1503910 flat colors2592 huge breasts44833 humanized105771 impossibly large breasts19052 nipples193149 nudity420238 possession572 sketch68799 soft color1935 vulva146559


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Do you still have the file you used to color this? Try changing the layer from “darken only” to “multiply” It should make it look much better
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Members of the Mane Six possessing each other is hotter than it has any right to be.