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For minivanmaster

Dash gets led to a cell where she will stay in punishment for destroying the weather factory


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Hello, I am the original artist of this art, and I would be very thankful if if you will ever post here some of my arts you would inform me at least in a comment on the original post that you put this are here, on this site. I do not ask you to remove it, I am really thankful for you sharing my art here, but I would be even more thankful if you would inform me the next time you post something that’s mine here. Thank you for understanding.
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Somepony has been naughty and deserves a time-out.
Bad Dashie.
No Daring Do for you for the rest of the week.
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WARNING: This comment contains comment that may be disturbing to (some) viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

That stupid egghead deserved it anyway for that weather factory! FiM for that matter isn't what it used to be.

Lightning Dust: screams at Dash (rather than behave like a gentleman) "To hell with you, Dash! You're such a g** liar, and a jerk! And I'd rather rot in that grave than be around some wretched wimp like you! And don't start that disrespectful negative b* about that stupid weather factory! You were told nicely to do your job! But you changed altogether, and you don't do that anymore! And it seems like no matter how many times you're brought by authorities to justice, you never get your f act together and behave in society like a responsible f** adult! YOU F** EGGHEAD!"

repeatedly everyday "You will burn in Hell when you die!" "You're a big nuisance to society!" "What did anybody ever do to you?!" "You make everybody hate you!" Etc.