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safe1704398 artist:yakovlev-vad494 twilight sparkle300086 alicorn224093 pony965648 adorasexy9747 blushing197288 book33414 butt58485 camera flashes91 chest fluff39047 cute199472 cutie mark47647 dock49851 ear fluff29476 exclamation point3778 female1361212 forest10162 frog (hoof)12936 frown22834 interrobang954 looking back57322 mare479581 nature983 observer324 offscreen character34082 paparazzi51 pentagram622 plot78810 prone25482 question mark4521 reading6254 rear view12015 scenery8015 sexy29354 shoulder fluff1807 solo1062709 startled433 surprised9255 tree32187 twiabetes11728 twibutt5508 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123568 underhoof52023 voyeur467 voyeurism2194 wide eyes17032


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Background Pony #69A3
Is the proper reaction to TwiButt:

a) "Mlem"
c) ah-OOOO-gah
d) unf