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Apparently because I “keep doing shit” a fitting punishment is to fuck me while I sleep… I’m certainly not complaining ;P
>Original: 1903486  
>Cum Edit: Here  
>Solo Edit: 1903496
explicit423835 alternate version71334 artist:detpoot680 oc849295 oc only622821 oc:biepbot470 oc:static spark250 original species32273 pegasus416741 pony1348063 waspling405 bed51087 bedroom14046 creampie39222 cum94981 female1625561 glazed dick3825 horsecock87624 male469346 mare630530 molestation1910 nudity459699 penis190708 sex151365 sleep molestation864 sleeping27073 straight161775 vagina53543 vulva164314


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Background Pony #5763
“Thanks Static…for sleeping on your stomach, so when I rub one out, I can put it right into your horsepuss instead since it’s pointing straight up”
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I'm the cutest blueberry
the name on the note is biepbot (the person who has the cock in this image) why its on her wing ive got no idea. or why hes thanking her. but thats just what i figured out from glancing at other art and the oc owners page. o3o