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After 4 hours painting some Great Tits, here's the result.

Hey, a winter themed piece in December is fitting right?
Maybe this'll help you keep warm through the next months.

I was gonna give the Tits some winter hats as well, but I guess I kept them naked.

PS: Yes, the composition/layout is what you might think it is.
Approx Time: 4,5 hours
Photoshop CC
safe1723438 artist:assasinmonkey816 fluttershy214476 bird8441 great tit14 pegasus298367 pony983792 tit (bird)24 animal4460 blushing200350 clothes465780 cute202387 digital painting511 female1378073 floppy ears53047 fluffy14387 happy31614 hat88094 hoof hold8403 impossibly large tits2 looking at you171486 mare489234 open mouth149190 pun7590 pun in the tags14 red nosed409 scarf23519 shyabetes14145 smiling253322 snow13890 visual pun1699


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Actually, Rule #0 covers being a jerk with unconstructive criticism. 4 is just there to deal very efficiently with the common subtype of people complaining about types of content they don't like that tags cover.
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That would be stupid. There's no guarantee that that tag will always be related to this bad pun. And besides, who said I don't want to see an image just because it this pun?

Rule #4 obviously doesn't work and it was honestly just an excuse to say that I shouldn't say anything negative at all.

I can't even say that a joke is bad, really? Better just change rule #4 to "Do not say anything negative in the comments" instead of telling everyone to hide content somehow so that they won't say anything remotely negative.
Ma Zedong

Tits are some of the cutest little things to every grace this planet Earth, so it's only right that one of the cutest pones would be able to show them off like this.