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Chapter art for Off The Mark

fun work and was an interesting research for Celestia’s private room design which I though was very interesting.
safe (1442922)artist:amalgamzaku (63)princess celestia (84321)trixie (56753)oc (531745)oc:mark wells (16)oc:steady flight (2)alicorn (166905)pegasus (192840)pony (711148)fanfic:off the mark (21)alicornified (3838)fake wings (507)fanfic art (11495)female (772943)male (262283)mare (343366)markxie (11)pinned down (140)race swap (11149)signature (15098)spread wings (41537)stallion (74643)trio (6114)trixiecorn (386)wings (54522)


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