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Anonymous asked:
Do you play any sports these days? You've got the build of quite an athlete.

“Sure, I’ve always had a fondness for sports, but I mostly love playing them as long as I can have fun with my friends.

In fact, me and my best friends have recently formed our own buckball team, ready to take on all challengers!”
safe1635629 artist:matchstickman230 apple bloom47938 scootaloo50079 sweetie belle47727 earth pony222542 pegasus264396 unicorn293488 anthro244754 tumblr:where the apple blossoms64 apple brawn167 ball2998 biceps1044 blue background4548 breasts259769 buckball345 bucket2192 busty apple bloom1619 busty cmc225 busty scootaloo1122 busty sweetie belle1963 clothes434011 cutie mark crusaders18548 deltoids201 female1301772 levitation11374 magic69545 mare447960 matchstickman's apple brawn series82 muscles10967 older24822 older apple bloom1910 older scootaloo1880 older sweetie belle2108 shirt22912 simple background369404 sports3217 sports shorts988 telekinesis26143 triceps56 trio7936 tumblr comic1049


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