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Crystal ponies not included, for the sake of brevity.

Vectors used: >>1859404 >>1398835 >>988068 >>1626150 >>1372649.
safe (1426626)artist:andoanimalia (346)artist:gurugrendo (74)artist:jeatz-axl (476)artist:osipush (367)artist:parclytaxel (973)artist:vectorshy (44)artist:zutheskunk edits (228)edit (97798)applejack (147541)pinkie pie (188741)princess celestia (83513)rainbow dash (203563)rarity (157330)alicorn (162943)earth pony (147615)pegasus (187341)pony (694509)unicorn (202418)all pony races (31)applebucking (484)bookman old style (1)breaking the laws of physics (5)caption (13644)comparison (3662)comparison chart (200)cowboy hat (10451)diamond (514)eyes closed (67807)female (758136)fire ruby (626)floating (2946)flowing mane (541)flying (29806)gem (4198)glasses (46897)gritted teeth (9119)hat (64559)image macro (33099)looking down (5354)magic (57360)mare (334144)meme (73373)needle (551)pinkie being pinkie (826)pinkiecopter (64)pinkie physics (322)pinkie pie cares not for your physics (32)raised hoof (32009)raised leg (5822)ruby (280)simple background (290167)smiling (182761)spread wings (40884)stetson (4425)tailcopter (65)telekinesis (20652)text (40451)thread (786)wall of tags (1771)white background (72002)wings (52740)

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