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safe (1483253) artist:zouyugi (174) carrot cake (1938) cup cake (3572) pound cake (2282) earth pony (166085) pegasus (206207) pony (762263) blushing (161749) carrot cup (248) chiffon swirl (54) comic (94043) cute (159436) engrish (1358) exclamation point (3050) female (808140) heart (39546) interrobang (819) male (275138) question mark (3717) shipping (171541) straight (113580) tsundere (2485)


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Many years later Carrot Cake is on his death bed. While Cup Cake tries to put on a brave face to assure him everything will be okay and she'll pull through after he's gone, Carrot slips a folded piece of paper into her hoof. She unravels the faded flour stained page. Any pretense of strength or bravado is shattered when she sees the old recipe, the secret ingredients to his award winning cake she so coveted all those years ago.

Tears drop on the frail paper and Carrot takes Cup Cake in his arms she breaks down weeping into his chest. Carrot stares down at her with a sad smile and says in a choked up voice, "Sorry, I guess I'm the one who's gonna leave."
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