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suggestive148634 artist:fishimira334 fluttershy217649 pinkie pie220577 rarity186004 pegasus310839 pony1015180 unicorn344264 3d80700 animated101122 bedroom eyes61553 blinking3950 blushing205277 boop7612 cute206239 eye contact6629 eyes closed98583 eyeshadow16665 female1405950 flarity1658 french kiss1980 gif32249 hug29208 jaw drop264 kissing25445 lesbian99458 looking at each other21566 makeup22941 making out652 mare504276 nose wrinkle3079 noseboop2924 on back25121 on top1148 shipping206174 smiling262541 smooch299 smooching16 source filmmaker48653 when you see it633


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Fishimira can you make a video of applejack teaching Rainbow dash how to have sex.
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I'm the cutest blueberry
@Background Pony #A3AC  
If you’ve never used sfm or another 3D engine like blender then I can see why your confused. but to explain in short. yes you can do that with that model in sfm. there is a bone in her jaw region that controls that section of the jaw. thats not to say its made to do that specifically tho. usually that bones just rotated to open not moved physically away from the head and stretching it.
Background Pony #687F
How does that even work? Can the model mouth be opened that far in SFM by default or is this some kind of hack that breaks it?
Gay Space Raptor
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Not actually gay
Pinkie’s face is literally right next to the bird house, it’s her mouth freakishly stretched open to the floor. HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE NOT SEEING THIS
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Writer, Flaripie Shipper
Yes. Fluttershy is more than capable of being the aggressor. And then apologizing for it. Then being aggressive again. Then more apologies. She kinda flips between extremes.
Jiminy Cragodile

double checks filters
‘Are you sure derpibooru? Animation this good is usually followed by something weird and disturbing, like Fluttershy suddenly swallowing Rarity’s head, or something.’
‘Well, because it’s happened before, when I didn’t know the artist’s “reputation”, or check the tags close enough.’
‘No, I’m not crazy OR paranoid. The internet can be a cruel place if you aren’t careful.’
‘Well, I’m talking to a website because-…….uh…..the….art is nice?’