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Been a while since I drew pony myself, lol

Something I threw together for some holiday fluff with my pony OCs. =)

Pecan Sandy’s cookies are well-regarded as some of the most delicious confections outside of those made at Sugarcube Corner. Therefore, when she bakes a batch while friends are visiting, you can be sure they won’t go to waste. Especially not if she and her boyfriend, Blaze, are friends with a plump pegasus like Maggie and a chubby unicorn like Tough Cookie. As for Pecan herself, she’s content to snuggle up with Blaze and relax after baking up a storm. =)
safe (1376277)oc (500855)oc:blazewing (11)oc:maggie (21)oc only (352403)oc:pecan sandy (6)oc:tough cookie (5)christmas (9195)christmas tree (2647)chubby (11122)closed eye (401)clothes (338297)cookie (2811)cute (139249)eating (7150)female (709365)food (47713)happy (22392)hearth's warming (540)holiday (10463)hug (21566)male (240648)mare (310616)pegasus (172578)plate (1144)plump (5958)pony (649236)smiling (173192)snow (10484)snuggling (6034)stallion (67032)sweater (11100)tree (21097)unicorn (184417)window (5555)winter (3357)

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