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sketchtime! “ random crossover” -edition. i was doodling stuff on the train. not used to this damn sketchbook. and its horrible for scanning. i prefer sketchpads.
suggestive129458 artist:-fuchs-201 apple bloom46780 scootaloo49044 sweetie belle46602 twilight sparkle283479 oc607655 alicorn199141 centaur2661 anatomically correct21651 breasts245161 clothes413875 crotchboobs18777 cutie mark crusaders18096 nudity333871 panties46206 raised tail13504 sketch57697 smiling217671 tail20738 teats7112 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116043 underwear55588 vulva113646


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@Background Pony #5A48
Nah, I just went through her tumblr to make sure nothing would be lost in the December 17 purge — you know, when Tumblr will put down everything NSFW.

Sadly, Fuchs doesn't seem active at all.

Oh. Well, that is a real shame. Hope they're doing alright. Thanks for uploading this stuff, though