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Meet Shiny Pearls and Hat-Trick :3

Shiny Pearls is the daughter of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

She owns a jewellery company, that makes really expensive and pretty jewellery. Her products have a reputation for being some of the best in the market.
She's also a business woman, has a keen knowledge of the Stock Market, and is know for being very charismatic, able to sway most ponies into doing business with her.

Hat-Trick is the daughter of Rumble and Button Mash (They had a sex change potion so that one of them would be a female for the pregnancy).

She's a very sporty pony, and very competitive too.
She likes and plays a wide variety of sports, but she is a very skilled Hoofball player. Known for being a bit of an attention seeker and glory hog, she is a skilled player,but has an ego problem that can rub some other players the wrong way.

Both Hat-Trick and Shiny Pearls are currently dating each other. They met when Pearl got bored one day and snuck into a hoofball field where Hat-Trick was having one of her games, and tended to her after she injured one of her legs.
safe1574543 artist:lullabyprince65 artist:palerose52226 oc604373 oc only409491 oc:hat-tick1 oc:shiny pearls1 earth pony198674 pegasus239296 pony845035 icey-verse571 duo49325 female898412 jewelry50841 lesbian92165 magical gay spawn883 magical lesbian spawn10718 mare415112 necklace15228 next generation6113 oc x oc13146 offspring34356 open mouth122964 parent:button mash275 parent:diamond tiara192 parent:rumble253 parent:silver spoon90 parents:rumblemash3 parents:silvertiara21 pearl necklace1000 ponytail15598 raised hoof39269 scrunchie318 shipping183866 simple background345304 transparent background179463


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