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Fluttershy's first Christmas

Today is the second day of December and the Christmas calendar is now on Fluttershy's first Christmas.

Cloudsdale spend at least Mr. and Mrs. Shyn's house with the child's first Christmas.
The young pale yellow Pegasos pony runs around the house with an elf cap.
"Dear, are you ready?" Mrs Shy asked her husband.
"It is. Come on." Mr Shy answered and brought with him a big pink package with a red bow.
"Is not that a little big to Fluttershy? She's just a baby." Mrs. Shy wondered after seeing the package.
"No, look." Mr Shy said.
Fluttershy had come near the pack and was excited.
"Happy Christmas my dear child." Both said at one time and watched when Fluttershy opened his package.

characters owned by: Hasbro

baby Fluttershy,mr and mrs Shy

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