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Damn, I hate myself.
Refer to >1447649, created by Ralek.
suggestive (112961)artist:ralek (1211)oc (524502)oc:melon frost (193)oc only (363479)oc:pepper slice (61)oc:prism (76)oc:rescue pony (120)oc:sweet heat (48)oc:turquoise (285)pony (695204)bedroom eyes (44323)cheek fluff (3133)chin fluff (130)female (758829)fluffy (11489)grin (27989)lidded eyes (18628)male (257547)mare (334531)meme (73398):p (5811)silly (6434)smiling (182911)stallion (72854)tongue out (75704)who would win (24)

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Background Pony #30E3
Considering theirs a sub that managed to steal one of the mares away, I say the 4 mares win.
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Joseph Raszagal's avatar
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale

Emily Brickenbrackle III
4 pretty girlz.

They aim for the nuts as they attack. Outnumbering their foe, it is an easy victory. They celebrate with cookies and soda.
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