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Artist’s comment: “This post is not a propaganda. This post is the call to action!”
safe1754416 artist:whateverbender260 princess luna100906 oc713589 oc:grey mouse44 alicorn233506 bat pony52348 pony1014015 :t3872 animated101061 armor24511 bat pony oc18966 caption22131 cute206149 derp6927 female1405166 flag pole140 frame by frame4153 frown23634 gif32228 gif with captions349 guardsmare953 jewelry68697 lidded eyes31888 loop5411 lunabetes3640 lunar republic47 majestic as fuck1305 male389125 mare503786 night guard1890 nose wrinkle3078 regalia21221 royal guard8113 s1 luna7417 salute1070 scrunchy face7265 serious1215 serious face1115 simple background410396 sitting65727 spread wings57276 squigglevision307 stallion116195 text62407 vibrating1163 wat19481 white background102827 wide eyes17432 wind1237 wing fluff1706 wings123788


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Background Pony #CD4B
lunar republic and the soler empire are the big mistake of the brony fandom! why? cuz both hate a other and put some hateful comment or put some art to troll or make mad the other group!(only the hardcore one of this group! luckly not all of them are like this!) some of the lunar republic refuse to say luna a be nightmare moon or say luna doin is the right thing to do! in the soler empire? i got nothing bad to say! but most of them try stop all the trollestia,molestia, tyrentlestia! but this is only the right member who try to make thing right! we dont know is this stupid wars will stop! and we dont know who a started this brony wars! many of the lunar republic say is the SE a start and is the same for the other side! many of the Solar empire say is the LR who a start! we will never know the true! but luckly some of them a not as stupid of their group’s! and try to make right! but is hard to fond who say the true in those fight in the net!