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Artist’s comment: "This post is not a propaganda. This post is the call to action!"


safe (1250204)artist:whateverbender (185)night guard (1418)princess luna (80083)royal guard (5532)oc (437199)oc:grey mouse (41)alicorn (128228)animated (74355)armor (14933)bat pony (28588)bat pony oc (6019)derp (4976)female (596460)flag pole (66)frame by frame (799)frown (16177)guardsmare (303)jewelry (27019)lidded eyes (12383)lunar republic (35)majestic as fuck (779)male (201598)mare (250782)nose wrinkle (2288)pony (513996)regalia (7952)s1 luna (5917)salute (695)scrunchy face (5702)serious (647)serious face (683)simple background (237383)sitting (37112)spread wings (33118)stallion (53797):t (2702)text (30801)vibrating (946)wat (15406)white background (56908)wide eyes (11879)wind (712)wing fluff (630)wings (33916)


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