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It was at this moment that she knew, she fucked up.
safe1588322 artist:jake heritagu878 adagio dazzle12024 sonata dusk12685 comic:aria's archives206 equestria girls183185 angry eyes67 belly button68995 breasts246191 cleavage31460 clothes415499 comic101575 dialogue59697 dress40216 female1228650 it was at this moment that she knew she fucked up25 midriff18274 red eyes5252 see-through4638 short shirt1369 speech bubble20605


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Background Pony #B55B
Surprised the Rainbow Friendship Death Ray didn't terminate the baby, tbh.
Background Pony #8A63
Adagio and Aria need to whoop some parenting into her

Good thing they're long lived, seeing as it may take awhile to really hammer that sense of responsibility to this Sonata.