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"Here lies Moondancer, she actually scored"

Color edit of >>1621326
dead source19201 explicit313411 artist:reiduran1267 color edit7010 edit114831 editor:deserter127 moondancer4353 oc595431 oc:anon11268 human140122 pony828823 unicorn258647 blushing173039 book30199 chair5755 clothes402163 colored17400 eyes closed78648 faceless male3276 female881885 floppy ears46021 glasses54004 glowing horn16233 human male6193 human male on mare3398 human on pony action9730 interspecies20446 levitation10356 magic64691 male299677 mare405469 offscreen character28823 open mouth120729 pants11902 pants down795 sex105640 shirt20654 sitting53971 straight120307 sweat22463 sweater13008 table8044 telekinesis24179 tongue out88833


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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

< ( are you sure the invisibility and silence spells are working? )

( oh yeah, totally ) >

< ( you did cast them, didn't you? )

( o-of course I did! ) >
Background Pony #2F92
I notice she has her spell book open to an invisibility spell, with a silence spell bookmarked, so in my head there is a subtext. We can see what's going on through the magic of art, but the Anon in the picture has no idea what's happening. He has no idea why his trousers fell off, while he was sitting down, no less. Nor does he have any idea what has engulfed him. He's enjoying the moment, but I still planning to ask Twilight if there are any poltergeists in Equestria.