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dead source24080 suggestive145252 artist:reiduran1305 sunset shimmer63741 equestria girls202890 bare shoulders2676 bedroom eyes60178 big breasts83534 bitch you thought1 breasts282493 busty sunset shimmer5542 cleavage35049 clothes466231 dress45134 female1379082 geode of empathy3118 jewelry65452 lidded eyes31194 looking at you171656 magical geodes8986 necklace19303 no pupils4088 off shoulder1306 seductive2285 seductive look1319 sexy29977 simple background400121 smiling253630 smirk12679 solo1076431 stupid sexy sunset shimmer923 text60366 tight clothing2591 vulgar20918 white background99945


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Background Pony #437B
Ay yo, so, APPARENTLY you can force twitter to leave your file type alone if you have at least one transparent pixel in the .png you upload. Supposedly.
Background Pony #437B
I'd suggest just using Patreon as a dumping ground, but much like tumblr they have a habit of randomly just purging people for spurious reasons or changing their TOS without warning and then shoving artists off for drawing a nipple at the wrong time of the month. Options for decent or even just reasonable art hosting seem to be growing thinner by the year…
Background Pony #437B
On the one hand: higher res.
On the other hand: jpeg artifacts

Why is every site that you can cram art onto so unfathomably awful?