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safe (1428227)artist:amarynceus (432)princess celestia (83602)princess luna (87961)alicorn (163330)classical unicorn (3453)pony (697322)celestia is not amused (337)cloven hooves (7369)dialogue (50613)duo (39101)duo female (5895)female (759296)gray background (4967)grayscale (31232)leonine tail (5852)majestic as fuck (1027)mare (334787)monochrome (134432)pain star (69)princess luna is amused (21)realistic horse legs (758)royal sisters (3230)siblings (3724)simple background (290551)sisters (5974)speech bubble (16653)spread wings (40942)tangled up (261)unamused (11294)unshorn fetlocks (18611)varying degrees of amusement (75)white background (72099)wings (52889)


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