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It seems interesting so i decided to participate in the 2019 community collab. I think it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea. it’d be nice to see who else will be in the photo. so many dedicated and amazing artists! ^^  
Those who are entering,good luck and have fun! ^^
safe1899626 artist:spero45 oc798597 oc only590906 oc:spero10 monster pony4082 original species30037 tatzlpony1615 base used27639 blue eye whites2 cutie mark51773 female1536551 looking at you203546 markings2492 pose7202 short mane1118 simple background472467 solo1210839 transparent background235979


not provided yet


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Mr. Works'alot
Hiya, do you have a bigger version of this somewhere? I’m only asking as the rules for the collab are asking for images to atleast be 800px minimum in height for a sitting pose and proportioned if standing on their hind legs, but the submission above is only 540px.
4) Images of a pony sitting or standing on all fours should be a minimum of 800px in height, head-to-hoof. 1200px is preferred. Images of ponies standing on their hind legs or in an unusual pose should be proportional.
The reason being the organisor may need to resize entries while he puts the collab together, which may / could lead to the pictures becoming pixelated. If you have another depiction of the characters thats larger, could you please upload that instead and tag it accordingly? If not theres a list of Volunteer Artists in the initial post of the event that be happy to help you out. You can either leave a message in the thread, or private message an artist of your choice.